Thanks mate 

Not one of my stories unfortunately but one I had to share. 
My American friend tells me that he and his friend have been working for many, many years, albeit for different companies. One day they both meet up with a client for a joint venture who is British. After multiple meetings and interactions the British client asks ‘are you both mates?’. My friend said he response was ‘er… well we’re friends…’.

I didn’t immediately understand the confusion. To me, a mate is a friend, a comrad, a buddy, a chum, however to Americans they think mate being a spouse, a lover, a mating partner. Once I realised this I couldn’t help but crack up. 
The British client continues with ‘you seem to know each other well so thought you might be friends’. Once clarification took place my friend realised what he was asking and felt a bit more comfortable. 

Isn’t language funny sometimes. 


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