Clutching at straws

As expected, vowels are very different between the British and American accents which has caused confusions on both sides.

I get most of my amusement in restaurants.  The server will place a glass of water in front of me, and if not automatically supplied, I will ask for a straw.  On many of these occasions I have to repeat myself because the look of puzzlement crosses their faces.  Phonetically  I pronounce it ‘straoorr’ as oppose to the American ‘straah’.

My favourite time has to be when I was having dinner with my American friend and the following conversation happened:

Me: Could I have a straw?
Server: A what?
Me: A straw?
Server: What’s that?
Me: Er..a long tubular drinking device?
Friend: She needs a straw.
Server: Oh!

One time a server brought me a spoon.






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