Got Milk?

It’s no secret Brits are known for having cups of tea, and that doubly goes for this one.  It is part of the daily routine, it’s offered during long conversations, comforts during difficult times, and brings people together.

It was 9pm on the third day since landing in the States.  Jet lag was still very much present and therefore sleeping was lacking, and due to time differences, speaking to family and friends was an adjustment.  Let’s say I was leaning towards the overwhelmed and tired side of the emotion spectrum.  On my necessities list was tea.  When going down the tea aisle the selection was mainly herbal/fruit  but I found a lonely box of PG Tips; the only brand standing proudly for English tea.

I then move on to milk.  Now, it’s funny what appreciation you have for the little things but I must say that the British have absolutely nailed the milk colour cordination system.  Across the country, every man, woman, and child, knows that red is skimmed, green is semi-skimmed, and blue is whole, and you have 100% faith in this.  It was in this aisle at my nearest Target, that life just got too much and it took very ounce of my being not to retreat into the foetal position.  There must have been 5 different colours of which none said semi-skilled but there were percentages as well as your specialist milk such as soya, almond, etc bringing the milk selection to an astounding level.  On top of that, you couldn’t just buy a pint.  Being one person in my flat, and only really using milk for tea, I had to accept milk would be wasted here.

Having been here a while now, and have tried different supermarkets, you’d think buying milk would get easier.  But no, my friends, it gets more difficult.  Not only am I having to adjust to the variety, but it turns out the colours aren’t universal.  What would be whole milk for one brand, is a different colour for another!  I just don’t understand how people live like this.


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