Happy Mother’s Day

In the U.K. Mother’s Day is back in March, and US is in May (today).  But Father’s Day is the same day both countries. Wonder why that is.  Advertisements

Right of way

In the UK, I am used to stopping and waiting for the car to pass and took this mindset with me to the US.  Here, people will just walk out into the road; a lot of the time they don’t even look.  I am quite surprised I didn’t hit anyone when I first landed as I would […]

Show me the money 

Hole in the wall. Cash machine. ATM. All names for the machine where you can deposit and withdraw cash. To my annoyance being in the US, I discovered you can only use the ATM if you are a customer at that bank, otherwise you get a charge. Now, to be fair, in the UK we […]

Thanks mate 

Not one of my stories unfortunately but one I had to share.  My American friend tells me that he and his friend have been working for many, many years, albeit for different companies. One day they both meet up with a client for a joint venture who is British. After multiple meetings and interactions the […]

Clutching at straws

As expected, vowels are very different between the British and American accents which has caused confusions on both sides. I get most of my amusement in restaurants.  The server will place a glass of water in front of me, and if not automatically supplied, I will ask for a straw.  On many of these occasions […]

Driving me crazy

On my second day in the US I picked up my hire car which I used until my lease car was ready. As the time got nearer to driving myself my anxiety started to increase. I probably should have read a theory book to work out the road signs and markings but it was a […]